IoT/ M2M Data
All major carriers available on platform
US Carriers: (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T)
Canadian Carriers DATA ONLY: (Telus, Rogers)
Ability to pool across the carriers Carrier ie: they have one price for data plans and one pool but they can utilize any underlying carrier
Ability to change carrier at any point with no penalty
Ability to transition to SummaLCP platform without any infrastructure or carrier change
Simplified billing, placing all services on one customized bill
One point of contact for all account related needs
NOverage- eliminates overages and simplifies account management

LTE Routers: Cradlepoint, Sierra, Digi
Cradlepoint- Name brand router, best utilized for primary and failover applications
4 Families of Routers:
IOT Routers: IBR200, IBR600/650
Mobile Routers: IBR900, IBR1700
Backup Bridges: CBA550, CBA850
Branch Routers: AER1600/1650, AER2200
Online Sales Associate Certification available (roughly 2 Hour course)
Sierra- Industrial Routers, typically utilized for industrial monitoring applications
Digi/Accelerated- Accelerated was just acquired by Digi Industrial routers

Fleet Management/ Mobile Security
Fleet Management- Small to medium fleet management solution
Mobile Security- Add firewall to mobile devices for security, and data usage controls to reduce usage

Daily Dashboard
This is where a customer’s real time data usage lives for their entire wireless inventory
This shows only data usage, no billing information in this section of the portal
Simple to Manage- The ability to manage your complete wireless inventory regardless of the underlying carrier through one pane of glass. The SummaLCP Portal was built as tool for customers to manage their real-time usage. Carrier’s portals are report centers used to pull down past information.
In-depth analysis- Ability to utilize historical data to help understand usage trends, and optimize services
Alerts and Notifications- Set custom alerts at the connection, pool, and account levels to mitigate any overages and flag heavy data users
Customizable reports- SummaLCP can create tailored reports to fit your company’s unique needs

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Mobile device management capabilities- App Management, End User App Catalog, Policy and Compliance features, mobile security suite
Mobile Device Management Policies- A set of features to help your company create and manage policies, allowing to enforce compliance of all your mobile devices inventory
This is software that must be installed on the device before the customer can use its capabilities
Only works on Cell Phones and Tablets running IOS or Android operating systems