Proudly serving schools for 8 years

SummaLCP has been an agent of service providers for the E-rate Program for 8 years. The LCP part of our name refers to lowest corresponding price (LCP) which is defined by E-rate codification to mean the lowest price that a service provider charges to nonresidential customers who are similarly situated to a particular applicant (school, library, or consortium) for similar services.

A similarly situated applicant is one that is located in the service provider’s geographic service area (i.e., the area in which the service provider is seeking to serve customers with any of its Schools and Libraries (E-rate) Program services). 

Similar services include those provided under contract, as well as those provided under tariff.

Service providers cannot charge applicants a price above the LCP for E-rate Program services. 

As an agency of a service providers, SummaLCP is committed to – regardless of the size of the company or the category of service provided – ensuring that the LCP is provided to K-12 school applicants.